Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I feel like I want to cry...

T_T Why you rise prices in Canada Pentax, why?

Now my options are down to these three:

FA 35mm/2 > 300$ on adorama, crazy prices/discontinued anywhere else.

DA 35mm/2.8 macro > 480$

Sigma 30mm/1.4 > 400$

@#&##(*&$(#)&$ Sigma is huge, DA 35 macro doesnt give me extra aperture, FA 35 price increase makes it less of a value now that I can't get 2 yr Canada warranty

Scratch the title, I think I cried a bit already D:

If I sell all my takumars (NO NO NO NONONONONO) and my unused 50mm/1.7, I'll get around 250$. If I add my recently acquired 90$ from my friend's TV/DVD sale, I can get the FA 35... 

But still, paying extra 40$ ish for a lens that is basically THE SAME hurts T_T

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I just broke the window in my room ==; The person living in the same floor as me was smoking some pot so I can't open my door to let in some air. I went out to clean the snow outside my window with a shovel but ended up breaking it instead. Grrr I guess I'll ahve to pay for this. I don't like blaming anyone but I definitely am not going to smoke pot ever now ==

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shame on me or Indonesian education system?

I've been systemizing my unorganized photo stack of around 3500 from the past year into folders and keywords. It's going well so far. I'm at around the halfway point. 

Then i got to the stack of picture from the Dallas museum of Art that I went to last summer and spent time to read the plaques that I took pictures of. They had a permanent (I think) exhibition with Indonesian cultural objects. The plaques that accompany each objects was... fascinating to say the least. It gets me thinking: why was I not taught this in elementary / junior high school? Why did I just learn more about Irian Jaya in a single plaque explaining an Irian house doorpost than the whole time I was in Indonesia? Am I just missing out on something when I lived there or something really is broken here: I learn more about Indonesian culture in TEXAS rather than in JAKARTA.

The picture is not the best since I'm not allowed to use flash and my lens is sloooow. Here's the doorpost in question and it's phallic imagery that depicts vengeance for death of a family member (no, I'm not joking).

So they actually traded other stuff (an ivory spoon) for spices in Malacca too? I thought only Europeans want spices.

Many of these objects concern beliefs other than the eacknowledged five. Are they perhaps discouraged by the government because we're only allowed to be one of the five religions?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Where do people buy light other than IKEA?

My current town, halifax, doesn't have an IKEA because we're poor, and I need a cheap lantern (not 40$++ and NOT a desklamp). So I ran to a hardware store (Canadian Tire) and got these stuff:

Tracing paper, lamp base, 230 watt lamp, extension cord, plug, insulation foam

Since I'm an architecture student, tracing paper and foam are plenty, so those are free. Bought two of everything else since I want to make two lanterns. Total damage: 27$. Ouch. At least that's after the tax... WHY ARE plugs so freaking expensive? 0_o They're just plugs 0_O

One of the bulbs came out dead and the one that is good turned out to be too hot / bright for my room, so I'll prolly go back tomorrow and return them for a new and weaker pair.

Result for nao sitting on my buffet:

Now I can worry a bit less about lens fungus since my lens are getting some light.


And after.

Moral of the story: IKEA is cheap

New question arising: Why is IKEA so cheap? Is my labor such a liability that it's actually cheaper to buy a finished product at IKEA than for me to make one myself with the raw ingredients?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Instant phood again xD

Been working on my abandoned photo stacks lately. The number is over 9000! Well, no. Actually it's more like 3000. I've done around 500 now =.=;; Not in the mood to cook lately but I had the realization that I'm probably just lazy ^^;

The picture is basmati rice and seafood instant package which somehow magically taste good 0_O; might be competitor with barbeque eel for the best instant food that there is? xD I'm eating it with some Franc Cabernet right now. THe Franc Cab isn't as fruity as the gehringer one I had a while back. Still good though xD

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Men sana in corpore sano

Talking about food ingredient here. I love cooking, I really do. I think of it as quite meditative, especially when you already know your recipe by heart (otherwise it can be a bit daunting). A week ago I made something so horrible that I actually throw away three full lunch containers of it. =_= I wasted around 30 dollar-ish there. But it's just unbearable.

Earlier today I went to the weekly farmer's market (local farmers selling their products directly) to get food materials. Man what a difference it makes. In general the vegetables are fresher and smells much stronger (compared to the ones in the supermarket that's been in cold sleep for god-knows-how-long). From the moment onions meetsthe heated olive oil and spreads its fragrance all around the kitchen, I know this is going to be good. And it is good indeed. The spaghetti that came out of it is awesome. Each pieces of vegetables just have tons of flavor. Eating this compared to eating my last dish is like heaven and hell. Gah, I think I'll have to wake up early every staurday now to get phood =_=

Oh and even though it comes from the supermarket, the garlic bread brings the dish to a whole other level.

image courtesy of www.caswells-moms.com

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Manipulate lvl 10

So tomorrow I'm up for a trivia game fundraising (already paid by professor). I wasn't interested in it until a friend of mine pretty much brainwashed me into it. The way she talks is ... how do I say it, manipulative? 0_O; it's like she expected me to have a certain way of replying and therefore she replies in a certain way, end result being me getting into the trivia x.x; Not that I regretted it or anything, but that skill seems to be a useful one to have. Rather than one of my talents - knowing the time if I saw a clock at least 2 hours ago. xD;